Adrenaline rush!

For adventurers, there is plenty to do in the Eindhoven region! Exciting and tough outdoor activities in the Eindhoven area that challenge you. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just looking for a fun outdoor activity, the Eindhoven area has something for everyone. From climbing, abseiling, skateboarding and BMX'ing to hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. And how about street art tours and innovative museums? In Eindhoven and Helmond, you can admire street murals and art installations. If you prefer getting out on the water, canoeing on the Dommel is a must. Where do you come to play outdoors? 

Art on the street - Dive into the colourful streets of Helmond

Street art route Helmond

In Helmond, you will discover true art right on the street. Helmond's lively streets inspire with beautiful murals. Start the route at a point you like and be surprised by the work of talented artists such as Studio Giftig, De Strakke Hand and others. The three-kilometre Street Art route will lead you past the most fascinating artworks, where each mural tells a unique story inspired by Helmond's rich history. To make your route even more lively, we recommend adding an art route or poetry walk to your tour. And of course, don't miss a bite to eat and a drink in the cosy city centre. Be surprised and experience Helmond in a unique way! 

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Meisje voor mural op bibliotheekmuur street art in helmond Canal of Cult - Street Art Route Helmond Mural van Street Art Route Helmond

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Go for the unique Urban experience: Skatepark Area51 in Eindhoven - An experience of skating, BMX'ing and urban culture

Eindhoven's Urban Playground

If you want to experience true urban vibes, a visit to Area51 skatepark, located at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, is not to be missed! This impressive indoor skatepark covers no less than 2800 square metres, making it the largest in the Netherlands. In this skate hall, skaters, BMX'ers, stuntsteppers and inline skaters come together to ride over ramps, ramps, fences and other obstacles. A wahalla for the urban sports scene, in other words. No matter whether you are a beginner or training for a skate competition, you are welcome here. Area51 welcomes everyone. So just walk in and challenge yourself with new stunts or watch the tricks from the expansive balustrade. Order a drink at the bar and feast your eyes, because urban culture really comes alive here! 

Bezoek Area 51 in Eindhoven
Area51 in Eindhoven