Lace up your walking shoes

Explore the beautiful hiking trails in the Eindhoven area and marvel at the natural beauty around you. With vast forests, beautiful landscapes and charming villages and challenging towns, this area is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Discover the Strabrechtse Heide with its purple heathlands and follow the winding paths along the picturesque Dommel river. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Kempen region on the Cartierheide or discover the Stippelberg nature reserve while listening to birds singing and leaves rustling. Whether you are looking for a relaxing walk or a more challenging hike, Eindhoven region offers various (themed) hiking routes. Put on your walking shoes and explore the area around Eindhoven.

Hiking routes highlighted - Theme routes around Eindhoven

Unwind on the Cartierheide

In the Kempen region, you will find the Cartierheide nature reserve, southwest of Eersel. It is a peaceful walking route through woods, past heathland and large bodies of water. Shepherds and smallholders used to set the tone here. Hawkers walked along the sandy paths with their baskets of merchandise on their backs. It is an area full of history, where Napoleon left his mark. Did you know that the woods were the territory of smugglers?

Walking route Cartierheide

Walking through a castle estate

Explore the beautiful castle domain Haageind in Deurne with the themed walk "From Castle Lord to Miller". Two impressive castles will leave you in awe as you explore their outbuildings, the lush gardens and parks, the cosy animal pasture and the English-style park. Discover the green surroundings, admire the monuments and enjoy the special locations Deurne has to offer.

Theme walking route Deurne

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