Tales of the region

From traditional stone printing to modern art in Van Abbemuseum, from EDAH to DAF: each museum tells a history or writes the future. The museums in Eindhoven region display where the regional innovations originated via audio stories, collections, exhibitions and heritage. Explore contemporary works of art and interactive exhibitions in an art museum or dive into the past at one of the war or craft museums. Did you know museums often offer educational programmes and workshops? And if you're looking for a fun interactive museum where kids can experiment and DIY, you're in luck: there are plenty in Eindhoven region!

Regional art museums - Unlock your imagination

Family-friendly museums - Explore the exciting world of a children's museum

Technical and industrial museums - Uncover the innovative spirit of the Brainport region

War museums - Immerse yourself in vivid stories of heroism and resilience

Theme museums - Discover a focused and unique experience in a themed museum

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