Ascension Day

Are you already looking for fun activities for Ascension Day in and around Eindhoven? There are plenty of outings to enjoy! Every year, fun events take place in the region. Traditionally, "dauwtrappen" (walking in the early morning dew) is a popular activity during Ascension Day, but you also shouldn't miss out on fairs and music festivals. Additionally, Ascension Day is the perfect opportunity to go out on a bike ride. Enjoy a beautiful bike route and take a break at a forest cafe along the way. Will you also rise early this year or prefer to leave later in the day? Discover the possibilities and make it a great day!

Featured: - A cosy fair full of stalls, music and entertainment

Hemelse Sferen in Valkenswaard

On Ascension Day, Valkenswaard city centre will once again host the annual 'Hemelse sferen' fair. More than 200 stalls spread throughout the centre invite you to browse and browse for unique finds. At various locations, you will enjoy live music and a wide range of street theatre and entertainment. The shops will also all be open this day from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and the catering industry will run until the wee hours.

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Hemelse Sferen in Valkenswaard Markt in Valkenswaard