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Kempen, Groote Heide, Land van de Peel and the urban area around Eindhoven together form that special Eindhoven Region where you'll discover so much events. Day in, day out. What will your next destination be? Follow RegioRadar Eindhoven on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about the most enjoyable activities in the region.

Eindh ov en Helmond V al k en sw aa r d V eldh ov en Geld r op He e z e W aal r e Son Nuenen Geme r t Deurne A s t en Some r en Budel Hamont-Achel Be r g eijk E ersel Bladel R eusel Hooge Mierde La g e Mie r de L eende Mierlo B r eu g el Beek en Donk Ba k el Be s t Oirschot De Peel De Groote Heide De Kempen Stedelijk gebied Limburg België Weert Sint-Oedenrode Hilvarenbeek Oisterwijk Venray

De Peel

Land van de Peel is formed by the six Brabant municipalities of Laarbeek, Gemert-Bakel, Helmond, Deurne, Asten and Someren. Each with its own character and many attractions. Forests, fens and extensive heathland complete the picture.

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De Groote Heide

A quirky mix of nature, village charm and human ingenuity; that is De Groote Heide. Characteristic are the extensive heathlands, forests, meadows and fields, the smuggling history and masterpieces.

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The strength of the Eindhoven urban area lies in the alternation between urban and rural, between high-tech and robust greenery, between small-scale cultural history and metropolitan international allure.

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De Kempen

There is no better life than in De Kempen. Rustic villages and a vibrant nightlife. Forest, fen and heath next to exciting anecdotes, regional and border stories. About smugglers, white women and the Bockenriders, for example.

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